[EVENT] Staff-Hunt at New Years Eve

  • Hello mercenaries,

    While we are still in the Technical Beta Test, we still want you to have some fun in-game, so we will have our first in-game Event!

    This Event is called "Staff-Hunt" and it has simple rules.


    Join our team on the 31st December and play some matches with our CM's (Chopper and Splashy).

    While you play against them, take your chance to kill them and take a screenshot of it (F10 key).

    If you send us the screenshot through THIS FORM with all necessary information, you can win some prizes.

    After you sent your form, you have the chance to win the prize in the category you participated in from out of all the participants. We will raffle the winner of each category!

    There will be 3 categories that you can achieve:

    1st Category: Headshot with throwing weapon - Prize: 1x150 CHIPS
    2nd Category: Kill with Knife - Prize: 1x100 CHIPS
    3rd Category: Regular Kill - Prize: 1x50 CHIPS

    Restriction: One participation per category and per account!

    So load your weapons, face our CM's on the battlefield and get those prizes!

    The prizes will be sent for OBT! So the selected winners will have a nice start in OBT!

    Your Ironsight Team

  • Congratulations to our winners!

    Category 1 Throwing Weapon Headshot: Aven
    Category 2 Meele Kill: Yuuki_Konno
    Category 3 Regular Kill: PotestasNecis

    Your CHIPS will be sent at the start of OBT!