weapon switch vs postion

  • iv seen it with walls door ways and windows. as well as other objects. take into consideration also. that we cant jump on boxes that otherwise in nay other game. you could. theres ALOT of invisable outof bound barriers on simple things like cares or a crate that is waist hight. or a stack of crates where one is waist high and the next is waist high. so your unable to jump on them or over them.

    i knwo id love some more free roam in the game. the ability to climb onto some of the lower objects like cars and trucks. it would be nice to beable to climb onto the loading dock truck at the mart map. hide out on top of it and snipe people. or beable to climb onto one of the tanks in the map with the wind terbine that blows up ! alot of the maps have structues that should beable to be climbed on but you cant.

    and nearly ALL structures that you can hide behind have a few mm gap above then that your head can be seen over. its not realy cover. and the shooting over them while crouched behind them thats a little broken to.

  • I got a bunch of kills just over the top of a box. A lot of the structures did not protect you from bullets. When you think they would. Cant count the times I ducked behind concrete, crouched for a reload, and bam. I am dead, and the person who got me was 1/3 the way across the map shooting through barriers that should stop everything short of a .50 cal. Sometimes multiple barriers, couple cars, and a wall sort of thing. On the other hand, I was also killed several times by someone crouched behind something, and all I can see is his skull cap, he is shooting through the barriers. His gun not even remotely visible.

    The reason you are getting killed when it seems like you behind cover is because on the other person screen you are not behind that wall yet. The netcode and registry isn't up to par yet with most games. Also you being killed by someone behind cover and only seeing their head is known as head glitching. It's very common in FPS games, the bullets don't actually come out where the gun appears but around the head area.

  • no i can vouch that even behind cover from the git go. you can be killed. iv hidden behind barriers and stuff befor. and been killed even though i was behind them from the start. so. it does happen.

    the " head glitching " is an annoyance that can be fixed but proably wont be.

    and not many people use cover in this game. its funny. alot of people just run around out in the open like " haha i wont die " if there was a " cover " button like in some games that would be kind of nice.

  • I've played numerous FPS, as I am sure we all have, but its far worst this game. More than almost all others. Yes, all have the glitch, but usually the gun is poking through the barrier, or just slightly below. I'm talking I can barely see the tops of their heads, and they are getting shots through the barriers. Not all of them, but a good percentage. I've been running through a building, or just outside, and watch the tracer rounds come through the walls in front of me. As well as I have been hit by them. Weird thing is sometimes it only makes the sound of being hit by a round, even has the red flash of direction of hit, yet it does no damage. Other times it does. Rarely is it more than one round hitting, but it happens.