weapon switch vs postion

  • I think that the time to pull a knife, vs the time it takes to lay prone is ridiculously off. Players seem to instantly go from standing to prone, yet I pull a knife I have to do this flip/swirl of the knife before use. I am pretty sure if you made me mad enough to stick you with a knife, that I could do so, before you hit the ground. Or at least you would be bleeding profusely when you got to the ground. Dev's need to at least consider this.

  • The time it takes to go prone is way off, but the time it takes to switch weapon is okay IMO.

    If you dropped the weapon you had in hand a faster knife draw would make sense but as it stands you secure your primary or re-holster your secondary before switching to knife.

    It really couldn't be any faster without looking weird.

    Going prone thou seems almost as fast as crouching...

    Hell make crouching take the time it takes to go prone now and make going prone take as long as switching from primary to secondary weapon with huge accuracy debuff for any bullet shot in the transition.

    Prone is not something that should be done mid fire fight, but something to do while preparing to defend a location, like when sniping or capping a zone.

  • proning needs to be ajusted this had been adressed many times in many other posts,

    it takes away from the base idea of this game to beable to just drop to the ground suddenly during a gun fight. i shouldnt have to aim at the floor to get a kill i should beable to just aim at your chest or head adn get the kill.

    also if i recall right there is a quck knife button in the game >.> insted of switchin weapons just use the insta melee button. much like you would in COD atleast i think theres a quick melee button i could be wrong o.o i didnt use melee at all in this game i found it was faster just to shoot someone then stab them with a knife.

  • the E key is the default button to use melee attacks o-o

    there you go >.> insted of switching to knife use the E key. you should beable to knife them faster.

    but proning still needs to be fixed >.>

    Not really that fast, there is a moment while you pull out the knife when you're doing nothing while using E, it is only slightly shorter then when you switch from primary to pistol, which is why I never use it.

  • Thanks for the input friends. I will have to try the "E" key. I know using the #'s key, you pull the knife and sort of twirl it before you can use it. I don't think in a battle situation, I will be taking the time to twirl my knife when my life is depending on a successful hit. I died several times trying to get that knife kill, and because of the twirl, I had to hit the action button 3 to 4 times before I made the slash motion. By then, my surprise attack was no longer, and I found myself in a gun fight with a knife.