Snipers need a nerf

  • I thought game was released in december this year in KR? Good to know, thanks. Hope fades little bit haha. As I said: I don't think they will change something even 100 people would open a thread and be active in a forum while this game has maybe 500,000 players. But if it doesn't matter why there is a feedback forum? :)

    Someone in our community made a video and I played often against him in CBT (but can't remember him sniping there too much...). However... nobody can counter this ;) Only counter is the sniper himself by missing the shot lol. I mean you can run while sniping over the whole map and still shot on point. There is nothing more to say about. And yes... it isn't the only game where this work. The difference in this game is that there is no real headshot like in other games. And the headshots are the possibilities in games like cod or something else you can kill a sniper too very fast if you are a good player and has good aim. This game has only a damage multiplier. Fighting against one shot weapon is never smart in a game which has no classic headshot damage calculation + the high damage drop per range in IronSight isn't helpful too. We will see if there will be some changes in future. I am still happy for the release because I think its one of the best shooters overall I've played the last years and reminds me well to the glory time when CoD was a good game (MW2/MW3).

    And Sev... yesterday evening, yeah I felt bad but I tried few rounds with sniper so you can't tell me trying it. 4/5 games I was top 3 and average KD of 2. Sure I have a good feeling from the game now and I know the maps now and in this type of games it makes 50% of success. But still without playing snipers before I was still dominating. Died few times in first match to get a feeling for the gun. After 5 minutes the party began. So yes 1-2 days and everyone can quick scope and get this "skill-level". Only sad thing for me in this game but I understand maybe there will be no big changes ever. But I hope they change how headshots work sometimes. So maybe there will be no real sniper nerf (shooting while moving for example...). But maybe other game mechanics will change which balance the whole game in a direction that helps other classes uninteded.

    Oh yeah the reference video:


  • I didn't have too much an issue with the snipers. In a lot of shooter games, the snipers can run around using the rifle like a shot gun and hip shooting with crazy accuracy. It happened here some, but not that bad. I make it my personal vendetta when a sniper is taking me/team down. Funny how they panic when I guy comes rushing in the back door with a smg rattling the cages with fire. LOL some get pretty good with them pistols. One shot killing, coming out of a weapon switch, and jumping around at the same time. That gets frustrating, but guess I need to work on my precision aiming. DOH

  • one thing i have learned about aerea games is there willing to listen to there western player base. thay bought the rights to the game inorder to release it in the NA and EU market. meaning that thay do have some say in what patches go into theses versions of the game. that being said. thay can pass along to the devs that there is an issue in the NA and EU about the snipers and the devs will eather send out a nerf/buff for just the NA and EU servers or thay will evaluwate all the data from all there servers and ajust it acordingly. thats one of the beautys of korean based games thay will not change there base game that is run in there country but will tweek it for western markets.

    korean players are natorius for there quick scopeing and drop shots and pritty much EVERYTHING that has been complained or bought up here on the forums so thay dont remove them from the game right away. becuse thats how there palyers play. (( its also taboo to complain about a game over there )) so its up to the western markets like us to pass along whats broken and whats not. inorder to get them ajusted properly. IE gun prices. snipers being used as hand cannons. scopeing in times. prone times. Ect the forum staff can pass it along to the dev staff and it gets ajusted there. befor it reaches us.