Snipers need a nerf

  • I know you all might say "he is just better" but preactically having a weapon that is an effective shotgun, assault rifle and a sniper rifle is cheating.


    The practice proves it.

  • and what exactly you try to say ?

    SDV -> sniper and assult rifle ( fast fire )

    PGS -> Sniper and ... assult rifle

    CSxxx ( forgot the name) -> guess what ... same

    and i forgot about the blaster94 -> sniper with a assult scope ( hit target ) mixed with fast reload and -> yes it can be used as assult rifle :D

    secondary as shotgun and quickswap .... i use it all the time for my sniper build and it works perfect

    so what exactly are you trying to say with this post ?

    if you say that sniper is op .. snipers only got 15 bullets so max 15 kills

    and hitting with a sniper is not always that easy

    i play now for a couple of days , and i still dit not figure out my best weapon i like to have

    sometimes i get a lot of kills with sniper (blaster94) , other times with LMG (75 rounds ,no idea of name), other times with SMG (mp5 and ASX160 ) and sometimes just with the K2C and the AK2 and AK47

    other times i get killed a lot with the same weapons ... i get even killed with a handgun ( i also killed a few )

    if you feel that that part is cheating , then you need to learn to play

    i got it on other games that they call me a cheater because i only knife and make headshots all the time ( dont know the game name anymore , think it was s.k.i.l.l or op7 or so)

    same in this game , knifing is fun if i can get close enough and if you are my victim and get killed a lot by me with knifing then i am a cheater ?


    please explain why he is cheating and in what way he is cheating :D

    Greets From PowerChaos

  • Snipers are more balanced in this game than most games I've played. The blazer you have to be able to hit chest level and up to get the one hit for it DSR is torso and up. Wear as arms and leg shots just give you hit-markers. I'm not sure how people can consider weapons broken when all it takes is a little know how to use these weapons properly. I've been sniping in FPS games a very long time.

  • Sure that someone who is sniping would say something like that ;)
    Its completely broken. You can run and gun with sniper, you can jump and you can make a 180 if anyone hit you from behind to get a safe kill while turning back. Completely broken for one hit weapons.

  • As an experienced sniper all of those things you said are not happening near as much as you would like to think in this game. No one is out there just running and gunning as a sniper like you'd like to think it's mainly know position and the key sniper spots on the maps. Granted yes some of us can do running and QS but it's not near as bad as other games I've seen. As for the 180 thing that's more so just getting lucky than it is skill. Snipers are fine as they are if you don't know how to play against snipers well that's on you.

  • If anything, they need a moveshot penalty. Other than that, they're fine and can be countered easily (Use soft point bullet in the first place to give knockback, Use flashes/stun nades, LAWS system is THE perfect counter to any sniper, get closer to them with SMG's etc.).

    And before you say that this is something a sniper player would say, I have 1 kill in total with all snipers. I'm way more efficient with AR/SMG's