borderless annd windowed offset

  • hi i am a streamer, i use one monitor and a chat overlay, to get the chat to the front i have to put the game in windowed or borderless which is offset by about 2-3 cm which means i cannot play the game comfortably on stream and loose some of the screen. Is there any fixes for this or will this always be the case? thanks.

  • Its nothing to do with with external software as it happens when I change from fullscreen to windowed and borderless when it's just the game running. It seems to be the alignment of the display, i play most games if not all games in windowed mode and no issues.

    On stream its centered as its a captured window and moved into place, on my desktop it's off centre and I have no control of adjusting it as when I do it just goes straight back as soon as the match starts

  • So I run a different setup, as I'm running dual PC streaming. But I'm doing display capture and I run the game in Borderless. I had a few issues here and there and what fixed it for me was going to the actual game executable file(I'm at work so can't tell you off the top of my head where that is) but right click, properties then go to compatibility and check the box for Disable Fullscreen Optimizations, and there is a check box for DPI Scaling, check it and set it to Application. Those are the first things I'd try. And make sure you're doing this on the properties of the game executable itself, and not the launcher executable.

    Also, just looked at your screenshot. It's putting you into windowed mode and not into Borderless. Borderless would be fullscreen but windowed, that is just windowed cause you have the title bar. I had problems when I first installed it with it going to or from Fullscreen/Borderless and the game not taking the settings. Aside from doing the above, I had to set it to borderless and apply then exit the game then re-launch the game.

    Alternatively, I'm not sure if you have an nvidia graphics card, but you might be able to get the GeForce Experience to recognize the game, force it to borderless from there and have it actually run borderless instead of windowed.

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