So much hackers. Suggestion

  • I've only came across one or 2 people in about 30 matches who are 'very suspect' but nothing over the top. I think the anti hack system is pretty good unless I have been very lucky lol

    Well, I would not say that anti-cheating EasyAntiCheat is good

  • Strange. I've been a server admin for years working with games like TF2, CS, CS source, CS 1.6, BF 2, BF 3, BF 4, and so on. Worked for a company called Ultimate Game Server. I'm used to weeding out hackers. Honestly, I haven't encountered any hackers on here yet.

  • I play this game for a month, and yesterday I encountered first hacker. He played with semi auto sniper, and had about 65 kills in tdm. In the end, on highligts he made 4 headshots in a row with no scope... He even joked about it in chat.

  • Just go into a bot game and watch how those things move around, they super speed up to you , they can shoot through solid buildings and seemingly phase through solid walls.

    This game has wicked bad desync, the servers are very unstable, and as I've said in a few posts this game was never ready to release as an alpha, beta w.e they want to call it.

    They are using the public as bug catchers but unexpectedly there are more bugs than they know what to do with. And from my understanding they are a fairly juvenile and inexperienced company so the likelyhood of this title every being a A+ is highly unlikely with how the games actually deteriorating over the last few months, I can't even log into the NA servers anymore its just a perpetual black screen but I can log into the EU ones no problem even though Im as far west in NA as possible.