Leveling is based on percentage of game completed?

  • That's all great in theory, and how a normal game works, but it's not how Ironsight works. You do not level based on your kills, or assists, or any of that. As I mentioned above, everyone gets the same amount of XP. Does not matter if you get one kill, or 10000. This is what I don't like about the leveling system. Everyone is literally the same. It's based off the percentage of the game you completed. If you entered the game at the very start of the match, you get 100% of the XP for that game, as well as anyone else who started at the beginning. If you get put in a game that's 90% over, and you complete the match, you get 10% of the XP. It's kind of a lame system where everyone is equal, no matter how good or bad you are.

    "I'm unaware on how the levels are earned in ironsight" - Now you know lol

    I think you've understood me wrong, I wasn't saying it was how iron sight works, its how most games work lol also I stated in the beginning of my post that im personally not bothered by the amount I have gotten.

    personally just because you kill 10 people and I kill 2 yet we still win the round doesn't mean I should get less exp, I could have been more of a support player made calls used drones that help the team to win its all fundamental to how a team works.

    I feel the % system was to combat AFK players boosting so I'm not apposed to that

    I fully understood you, it's just that the points you're making don't make a lot of sense to me, sorry. Yes, you explained how most games work. I get that. But Ironsight is completely different. Everyone is IDENTICAL.

    Hamster - "I do believe though its on exp/score and I would assume that with each level it get higher and higher." This is incorrect. Everyone is IDENTICAL.

    Hamster - "just because you kill 10 people and I kill 2 yet we still win the round doesn't mean I should get less exp, I could have been more of a support player" Lol, well if this was the case then you'd still be rewarded with XP for playing roles other than just killing people. Another point that doesn't make sense to me. I play a lot of Battlefield, and people who have very low kills are often at the top of the scoreboard because of the support roles they play. Ironsight is not like this. Everyone is IDENTICAL. No matter if you support every person on your team 10x, or get 50 kills, or sit in the corner the entire match and do nothing, everyone gets the IDENTICAL xp.

    Hamster - "I feel the % system was to combat AFK players boosting" I don't intend to be mean here, but this completely backwards. If you sit in a corner in Ironsight you still get the IDENTICAL XP as everyone else. So actually it encourages boosting.

    In other words, everyone is IDENTICAL.

    I.D.E.N.T.I.C.A.L :)

    I_D_E_N_T_I_C_A_L D:

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  • I'm sorry for triggering you. That wasn't my intention. It's just.. well.. How do I put this lightly? Everything you were saying was just a little wrong.

    "please just go away" You are in my thread. You keep coming back o.o