Random weapon ideas thread

  • Just saying, it seems like many people suggest weapons from other games XD. That's fine w/ me, that's how most of us learn of these weapons. Anyways, some of my ideas.

    P30L - Comeon, this is John Wick's pistol

    SR3-M - If there was a quick detach suppresor that gave buffs/nerfs, that would be cool, but just the sr3-m on its own would be fine (modern/upgraded vss/VAL)

    Desert tech SRS A1 - Another cool bullpup sniper, again, another John Wick weapon

    Glock - I know many of you think of this from Black Squad and the whole TAC RELOAD memes and whatnot, but srsly, this is a staple pistol in SO many games

    Vektor CR-21 - Not that Vector, but basically a kit for the South African R4, which is basically a Galil. If you've seen District 9, you know what this is

    CZ Scorpion Evo 3 - SMG, not much else to say.

    A-91 Bullpup, or even ADS (which is basically a modified a-91) - bullpup AK w/ integrated grenade launcher, ADS can shoot underwater, just need to switch mags to special 5.45 cartridges w/ underwater rounds

  • pls NOT the evo! it was OP in every game it exists

  • Ok maybe not the evo. BUT just saying, as a Vector user, it is definitely outclassed, I don't care what you say about it. I'm 200 kills away from mastery, and in that time, AR's can out damage it, and it's literally 1 kill per mag, maybe 2 if you're lucky. So maybe the Evo isn't going to be that bad considering that firerate does not equal dps, at least right now.

  • Bull-pup? Bull-pup.

    WA2000 - German. Semi-AutoBull-pup Sniper.

    Kel-Tec RFB - MURICA'. Semi-Auto Bull-pup Rifle.


    Cause we need more than 4 LMGs.

    Type 95/QBZ 95 - China.LMG version.

    RPK - Soviet Light Machine Gun


    Another SMG to balance out the ARs.

    CZ Scorpion v.61 - Czech. Commonly used with a suppressor* in popular FPS games.


    More Secondary Shotguns.

    *Generic Double Barreled Sawed-Off Shotgun - Non-Negotiable.

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  • Quick correction, you posted a picture of an RPK, not an RPK-74. The 74 uses the 5.45x39 mm cartridge while the regular RPK uses 7.62 mm. You can tell by how much the magazine is curved.

  • I already suggested some of those weapons prior to this thread, here

    I don't have an issue with older weapons but, given this is 2025, and the characters are intelligence, military, or paramilitary.. I think military weaponry would be more fitting. It is why I am surprised to see the PX4 Storm as a pistol. No military, or police department in the world will touch that. Reason being is that it is not reliable. It's a self defense weapon. It is not like the M9, or 96A1 (.40 SW variant of the M9) where you can dump rounds and not have to worry

    If you are looking for weapons that have a suppressor attached, I can recommend the AK-9. It's not built in but, from what I have seen, the standard load out for Russian Special Forces, is to have a silencer on it. It would make sense to attach a silencer to it as a standard thing (if put in game)

    I thought about that before making my thread but, the issue is there is already a lot of AK in the game. If you were to add it, I guess you could delete the AK-47, roll the stats over to the AK-12, and then rename it AK-15 (7.62 variant of the AK-12). The AK-12/15 should of been superior from the start. It is a 2018 Rifle, that has 100 rounds per minute advantage over the older AK-47

  • It's suppressor not silencer :cursing:

    As a sniper player I want something that's a bit more skill oriented, so I propose the M40A3, from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare fame.

    An idea that I have for it is to make it OHKO after hitting in the shoulders and up, and doing around 92 damage everywhere else. This would introduce two elements of skill: aim and positioning. If you don't OHKO with a headshot then you need to follow up with a few pistol shots to not kill yourself.

    An Assault Rifle that I'd personally like to see is the L85 (I have a thing for bullpup rifles)

    An SMG that I'd like to see is an SMG-11 or SMG-15 with extended mags. I feel that having a small pistol like gun could be a lot of fun along with playing around the strengths of maps like Mart and Cloud 9.

    Finally a shotgun that I think we can all agree on is a double barrel shotgun, but with an attachment option to cut off the barrels to give a movement boost.

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  • Thank you for the correction. I meant RPK rather than RPK 74 as an LMG. I've edited it.