Random weapon ideas thread

  • I had some random weapon ideas that could be added into the game at some point in time.

    VSS Vintorez: This is a sniper rifle with a built in silencer

    Honey Badger: a compact SMG, also with a built in silencer

    Stoner 63: straight mag or drum mag fed light MG

    The Thompson: Just because its a futuristic game doesn't mean we still cant have the classics.

    FN FAL: Single action assault rifles are still popular (right?)

    M60: A classic MG, i'm surprised its not in the game already.

    Uzi OR Mini Uzi: Either or will work tbh

    Remington 870 shotgun: Compact version would work well

    Barrett 50 cal: again, a good classic from FPS games, surprised that this isn't in the game already as well

    If you have some weapon ideas to share post them in the comments :)


  • No VSS  please, I'm sick and tired of that gun, it's horrible to fight against in literally every game I've seen it in

    Honey Badger: Yes

    Stoner 63: Kinda weird choice honestly, especially since the game is supposed to be semi-futuristic, but I guess nothing too odd

    Thompson: Old SMGs are cool, so why not?

    FN FAL: We already have a FAL in the game

    M60: Yes

    UZI: I'd prefer the classic full sized one, I just think it looks cooler, adding sights to it may be problematic though.

    Remington 870 shotgun: Wood handguard and stock or nothing

    Barrett: No, the Blaser is annoying enough.

  • Will if you want full length shotguns then why not just toss in a double barrel shotgun to the mix

    hell might as well throw in a AA-12, as if the Jackhammer wasn't enough kek


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  • stoner 63 ahaha

    fn fal - sa58 osw is modern fal

    thompson in 2025 rly ?
    m60 - this old seen vietnam war

    vss vintorez - nice idea

    honey badger - nice too

    uzi - classic

    barret - spray and one hit kill :/

    remington - hmm idk

    my suggestion:



    -intervention snipe

    -make emp launcher smaller, more compact like m72 law (its not looks good when somebody have cannon of his back and sprinting well)
    -skorpion evo

    -l85 carabine (enfield)

    -scar light version (5,56mm)


  • Let me add to your list:

    HK433 | The new compact and modular assault rifle generation.

    HK237 | The HK237 is a mid-range weapon based on the G36/HK233 with the high-performance calibre .300 Blackout / Whisper.

    Remington ACR | The Adaptive Combat Rifle is a modular assault rifle designed by Magpul Industries of Austin, Texas and was known as the Masada.

    Model 1911 | Chambered for the formidable .45ACP cartridge, the M1911 pistol was the standard issue U.S. military sidearm from 1911 until 1985

  • Nice ideas except we already got the 1911 in the game.

  • Stoner 63 has a nice drum mag design. If we dont get the gun, would at least like to see that kind of weapon attachment/magazine for ARs.

    Thompson, I think would look cool as a classic in this semi-futuristic setting. Another large magazine SMG besides AR57, but probably with a lot of recoil.

    Uzi, I'm worried will be too similar (stat wise) to the MP9 and PP-2000, which are already near identical in stats.

    Honey Badger, hot. You got my vote.


    How about the AA12?


    And the S12 Saiga?


  • - The Stoner 63 was produced for twenty years, thirty years ago. Kind of a footnote.

    - The Honey Badger's a carbine that never left prototype, production ended five years ago.

    - Re: WW2 guns, you could make an argument for including the STG-44 or M1 carbine, seeing as they've actually turned up in combat zones in the last ten years, but the Thompson's going on a hundred years old. It's had one hell of a run, you can let it go. :P

    The issue with your suggestions is that they're very Black Ops 1, when Ironsight is basically Black Ops 2.

    For my money...

    SIG MCX instead of the Honey Badger as a new carbine.

    HK416 / HK433 for the general-purpose AR category (though the ACR could be cool and a nice break from the whole HK thing)

    A-545 as another entry in the FAMAS niche.

    ACE-53 or ASh-12.7 for the automatic BR, SCAR/SA58 niche.

    SVCh or SIG-716- semi-auto AR / sniper.

    RPK-16 - LMG.

    SIG P320/M17, would probably be in a similar niche to the Storm.

  • I got couple of some ideas for weapons that are a bit unknown case i don't like to see the same weapons being always used and having so fearly unique weapons would be awesome.

    https://upload.wikimedia.org/w….JPG/800px-Colorproto.JPG This is the last fire arms that Eugene Stoner ewer designed it's a plastic belt fed case less ammo assault rifle.

    http://photobucket.com/gallery…HNtenZyN3p4eC5qcGc=/?ref= Then it would be cool to see one of the original ar15 rifles as they had that famas like charging handle.

    http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Jatimatic_SMG One other cool one would be the finnish jatimatic smg

    http://www.thetruthaboutguns.c…-review-polish-pm-06-smg/ The new polish pm-06

    http://weaponsman.com/?p=15007 The Sokolovsky auto master simply it just looks so sleak

    http://www.thefirearmblog.com/…al-dual-magazine-shotgun/ This mystery shotgun that no one know much about as the only existing one has been lost

    http://www.thefirearmblog.com/…med-forces-future-weapon/ and if you want something super futuristic then the Canadian prototype rifle

    http://guns.wikia.com/wiki/AAI_SPIW Or some guns from the us SPIW project were the us was trying to develop multi shot high capacity high fire rate firearms.

    I know these things are super rear fire arms but common we have the pancor jackhammer in the game and if you don' t know there is currently only one in the existence

  • I mean honestly I can't see most of those being in the game, say for the PM-06 and than Canadian prototype rifle.

  • Well they do have the jackhammer witch is in the same league as the others and those would be really unique and not something that all that cod and battlefields already are using so it would be a breath of fresh air

  • This is a copy paste of mine so if you have mentioned something already dont roast me xD

    Assault Rifles :

    AAC Honeybadger


    Colt Modular 901

    Remington ACR

    FN F2000

    Remington R5

    CZ805 Bren

    SMGs :


    Daewoo K7

    PP19 Bizon


    LMG :



    Sniper Rifles :

    Remington MSR


    Remington 700

    Pistols :

    Walther P99

    FN 5-7

    Sig Sauer P226


    Glock 18 Semi Auto

    Beretta M9

    MP443 Grach

    USP 45


    Shotguns :



    SAIGA 12


  • SVU

    Saiga 12


    Judge revolver

    a standart m9 and maybe an m93r



    and just for fun a Colt SAA

    oh and a last thing: the original sights for the AUG and P90. i dont know any game in wich the holo sight for the p90 exists. i know the scope for the aug is in BO1